The first Dispatches from the Front film was released in 2009. Since that time, we’ve gone from North Africa to North India and from the Great Wall to the Great Rift Valley, opening windows to Christ’s Kingdom all over the world. In all 9 episodes (soon to be 10!), the focus of our writing and filmmaking is to tell the Big Story of God’s “saving power among all nations” (Psalm 67:2).

Last year when I was in the Middle East, a friend introduced me to Caroline Cobb, a singer/songwriter who is telling the Big Story of redemption through her music. The rich panorama of scriptural truth and reminders of the resurrection in her album The Blood + The Breath have often strengthened my heart in dark, distant places. I am thrilled and so grateful that Frontline Missions and Caroline can collaborate on a music project related to the Dispatches series. While she is here in South Carolina, Caroline is also going to hold a concert and sing the Big Story! Can’t wait to hear her in person and have our gaze lifted to Christ with fresh wonder over His sovereign love and unbroken promises!

You can learn more about Caroline’s music and about the upcoming concert.