By Thy sweat bloody and clotted!

Thy soul in agony,

Thy head crowned with thorns, bruised with staves,

Thine eyes a fountain of tears,

Thine ears full of insults,

Thy mouth moistened with vinegar and gall,

Thy face stained with spitting,

Thy neck bowed down with the burden of the Cross,

Thy back ploughed with the wheals and wounds of the scourge,

Thy pierced hands and feet,

Thy strong cry, Eli, Eli,

Thy heart pierced with the spear,

The water and blood thence flowing,

Thy body broken, Thy blood poured out - 

Lord forgive the iniquity of Thy servant

And cover all his sin.

Lancelot Andrewes (1555-1626), Bible translator and Dean of Westminster Abbey